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  • Implemented SEO tactics for SHEIN's sub-brands, driving a 30% surge in online visibility and engagement.

  • Revamped messaging across the SHEIN brand portfolio by crafting engaging content for emails, blogs, live notifications, collections, social, influencer relations, events, digital and print ads, and product descriptions, resulting in a 30% rise in overall brand coherence and a 15% increase in customer retention rates.

  • Increased SHEIN app's CTR by 10% through impactful UX copywriting.

  • Collaborated with Marketing and PR teams to maximize brand impact through cohesive messaging.

  • Pioneered and refined the brand voice for SHEGLAM, crafting compelling product copy and naming over 300 products and shades. Additionally, contributed to the creation of hundreds of digital and print advertisements, ensuring alignment with brand messaging and values.

  • Developed and implemented comprehensive style guides for four SHEIN sub-brands—MOTF, CUCCOO, SHEGLAM, and Luvlette—resulting in a significant increase in brand recognition and customer engagement metrics.

Digital Operations,
Field Sales & Education,


  • Led collaboration efforts with the Creative Director to conceptualize and implement compelling copy across various platforms, resulting in a 15% increase in click-through rates (CTRs) for SMS and Email, and a 10% rise in organic social engagement.

  • Oversaw day-to-day operations for the entire Global Field Sales teams, overseeing more than 100 artists, ensuring operational efficiency, and introducing innovative content creation strategies during the pandemic.

  • Developed and optimized a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) facilitating the seamless shipment of over 500,000 products, leading to a notable 20% improvement in productivity.

  • Effectively coordinated online launches and promotions with the marketing team, achieving successful outcomes.


LaserAway Beauty, Toy Box Brands, Flashly Beauty


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